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To cruise in a R.I.B through the "Real Archipelago" to experience the harsh conditions and uniqe breathtaking nature in a safe boat are for the fortune few. The oyter archipelagos have been inhabited since th 177:th century we try to visit as many of the "Royal Fidhing ports" as weather conditions allow us to.IWe might even take a short brake ashore one of the small fishingharbours if the prerequisite are right

Eagle and seal are quit common and the chanses of seeing one during our tour is quite high.


The boats we use at our trips are of the R.I.B type, a rigid hull with rubber tubes gives a very safe and stable ride, the manoeuvring abilities are extremly good. The boats are of the Swedish brand Rupert known for its Navy Seal,Police and Rescue Boats. The hull is reinforced with 3 extra layer of glasfiber to give a safe ride among the small skerries in the outer archipelago.
The equipment is of the safest and most uptodate standard imaginable, we have choosen the Swedish navigational system Seacross we use a AIS transponder for maximum safety. Every passanger vill borrow a floatation overall and a Solas approved lifevest.Sandhamnsguiderna are member of the Swedish Rib Charter association,

Environment is a question close to our hart, that made the engine of our choice Suzukis new DF300 the markets lowest CO2 emission and lowets fuelconsumtion in that powerrange.

The experiance during the ride is not only the speed and power it is also our skilled driver. All our captains are borne and raised in the area and know every bay,skerry,shoal and reef., they have a lifelong knowledge of the outer archipelgo history,flora and fauna.