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The Team in Focus

Do you have a theme for your conference? A need to develop yourselves within the group? Are you a newly started or reorganised group and have a need to get to know each other a little better? Increase cultural awareness and create an understanding for differences between individuals within your group, at the same time as having a common experience in order to have a great memory for life?

Then we recommend a morning/afternoon or whole day with our instructors. To get you in the mood we can take a boat trip to nearby Björkö (only 5-10 minutes away). Here we have the place to ourselves, in fantastic nature, far away from the conference room. After a presentation and run-through of the purpose of the day, you are divided into smaller groups (of approx 10 people) who, together with an instructor, go through a course of 4 to 5 different exercises in cooperation (approx 25 min per exercise). They can be geared to different levels of physical fitness depending on you as a group. The activities are about problem-solving in an easy and fun way. The exercises themselves are not the most important element – it’s how the group chooses to solve the different challenges that is key. They should be fun to carry out and be a source of inspiration, joy and development to you as a group. After each exercise, the group receives feedback from the instructor before moving on to the next exercise.


The Battle of Björkö

Following a short journey to the uninhabited island of Björkö, the competition starts. Teams of 8 to12 people compete at 4 to 5 different stations, where competitive instinct, team spirit and ability to cooperate are tested in easygoing conditions. Some challenges are individual, such as clay pigeon shooting or climbing. But otherwise you solve problems as a group at each of the stations that are designed with just your group’s aims and capabilities in mind: age, sex, physical prowess and so on. The team which best uses its combined experience and resources as well as daring to ‘stretch’ its limits within the constraints of safety will stand triumphant and be declared victorious. But hopefully everyone will leave feeling like a winner after a very different day spent with colleagues/friends in a beautiful environment. The Battle of Björkö includes a high rope activity (if desired) as well as clay pigeon shooting.


Sea and Land

‘SEA & LAND’ is a unique activity, organised only by Sandhamn Guides in cooperation with Sundelin Seastars. The activity consists of two separate competitive parts; the first sailing a course in the fastest possible time. You sail ‘yourselves’ with onboard coaching from an experienced skipper. Everyone can take part, as no sailing experience is required. Even the expert sailor will be challenged as our competitive skipper gets the team to ‘stretch’ its limits using tactics and sharp turns. We sail 606s (6.06m long keelboats) in short heats, each team made up of 3 crewmembers plus skipper. The second activity is on land. A new instructor presents you with fresh challenges and conditions at a number of stations focused on exercises in cooperation.

The course can be adjusted to various degrees of difficulty and can be more or less physical, depending on the abilities within your group.

We combine ingenuity, cooperation and creativity. The ultimate winner is the team that uses the group’s combined resources and knowledge and that tests its limits within the boundaries of safety. You swap activities after half the time has passed. Those who were out on the water continue on land and vice versa. In the break we have a substantial snack or eat lunch.

Match Race

If you’ve no competitive instinct, you soon will have. When we’ve finished, you’ll want to carry on and if your team has lost, you’ll want immediate revenge. Match racing is sailing’s ‘cat and mouse game’ where tactics and the ability to keep a cool head give immediate results. Here we work with Sundelin Seastars – Micke and Jörgen Sundelin (Jörgen is an Olympic Gold Medalist in sailing and used to captain Sweden’s national sailing team).

The boats we use (606s) all perform evenly, so it’s the group’s ability to cooperate, assign roles and ‘encourage’ one another that are tested. No previous sailing experience is necessary. Everyone can take part. As is the case with many other boats, 606s are named after their length; ie the boat is 6.06m long and was designed by Pelle Pettersson. On board every boat is an experienced skipper who is responsible for safety. We begin the activity with a ‘skipper’s meeting’ on the jetty – a short presentation of the day’s arrangements and then we’re off!